Anis Saber Est. for Trading
Mkalles Main Road (200 meters after Roundabout)
Mkalles, Beirut, Lebanon

Directions from Mkalles to Mansourieh:
Coming from Mkalles Roundabout or Mkalles Bridge, take the highway upwards toward Mansourieh direction. We’re located on your left only at 200 meters away from the roundabout/bridge. However, you will need to continue upwards the highway until you are able to make a U-turn, near Skaff shop.

Directions from Mansourieh to Mkalles:
Coming from Mansourieh downwards toward Mkalles Roundabout or Bridge, just 200 meters before you reach the bridge, we’re located on your right, next to Debbas area.

Phone: +961-1-500060, +961-1-690113, +961-3-357195